A House in London

Tessa speaks to Steve, who is a musician, about where he is living now and where he lived before.


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Steve: I lived in a small village about ten miles outside of Oxford. It was very quiet, very pleasant, lots of wide open spaces. It was quite a small house – five or six rooms, with a large garden, and it was very close to the River Thames. I had my own bedroom and my brothers had their own bedrooms, and there was a kitchen which we ate in as well as cooked in, and a largish room – kind of family room.
Tessa: When you left, where did you go?
Steve: Well, I left and I moved up to London and I’ve lived in various places, but now I live in a large, old, Georgian house in the centre of London, which I share with two other people, and we have our own rooms and also rooms which we share too, like the kitchen, the bathroom and the dining room.
The house that I live in is very near Covent Garden and Soho, which is very nice to feel that you are in the centre of the city.
Tessa: What kind of things do you do in the house?
Steve: In the house? Well, I’m a musician and I’m fortunate enough to have a room in the basement which I can work in and there’s no problem with noise. In the basement is where I have my musical instruments, my drums and other instruments. And I spend a lot of time there practising and inviting musicians down to play.
Tessa: Can you just describe your room to me?
Steve: Well, my room is on the first floor. It has very nice large French windows, which in the summer is very nice for the sun to shine through. And it’s a large room with a nice fireplace, very high ceiling and a nice wooden floor.
Tessa: What kind of things do you have in your room?
Steve: Well, I have a table, plenty of chairs, a very nice hi-fi system, a nice collection of books and records, and as many friends as possible.