Booking a Hotel Room

A guest would like to book a hotel room.


Play Dialogue

Guest: Good morning. I’d like to book a room in the hotel, please, for next month.
Receptionist: For next month? Um, for what date Is It?
Guest: I think March 15 and 16.
Receptionist: One moment, please. I’ll just check the availability.
Guest: Thank you. It’s for one person.
Receptionist: For one person … OK, that’s no problem. We have plenty of rooms on that evening. Um, what type of room are you looking for?
Guest: Er, well, (a) single room, but with a double bed, rather than two twin beds.
Receptionist: Oh, that’s fine. We have a single de luxe room which has a big double bed in. Our tariff for a single de luxe room would be £145, that’s for one evening. That includes just, um, the room for one evening, that includes service charge and VAT.
Guest: And then breakfast is on top, is it?
Receptionist: Yes, breakfast is on top of that charge. English breakfast is served at £9.25 and continental breakfast is £6.25.
Guest: Fine. What time can I check in on the evening of the 15th?
Receptionist: Evening of the 15th, check-in time is after 12 o’clock obviously, midday, yes.
Guest: And check out the following day – well, two days later – what time is check out?
Receptionist: Check out time is before 12 o’clock, ensuring that we can have the rooms in the afternoon for the guests arriving.
Guest: And you can accept all credit cards?
Receptionist: Yes, we accept all kinds of credit cards. How would you be paying?
Guest: It will be on Visa.
Receptionist: It will be on Visa. Can I guarantee this booking by Visa?
Guest: Yes, I’ll give you my card now if you like.
Receptionist: OK. Thank you very much. Can I have the number?
Guest: Here you go.
Receptionist: OK, thank you. I’ll just take an imprint of this. One moment please … Thank you very much. Your reservation number is 15069, if you’d like
to take that as a reference number for your reservation.
Guest: That is definitely guaranteed now?
Receptionist: That is guaranteed by your Visa card, yes.
Guest: Thank you very much. See you on the 15th.
Receptionist: OK, thank you very much.