A telephone call

An English dialogue about a telephone call.

Friends are telling about how their wanted to make a telephone call but it wasn’t easy to do.


Play Dialogue

Stephan: You won’t believe this. We both wanted to ring home today, and we had a terrible time.
Lucia: Yes, Stephan walked to the nearest post office, but there wasn’t a phonebox.
Stephan: And Lucia tried to use the phonebox outside the school, but hers was out of order.
Lucia: Then I walked to the next phone, and it was a coinbox. I only had a phonecard.
Akiro: Oh, that’s typical.
Stephan: And I had lots of change, but at my next phonebox I needed a phonecard.
Akiro: So did you look for another phone?
Stephan: No, I didn’t.
Akiro: Did you, Lucia?
Lucia: Yes, I did. I wanted to ask somebody for some change, but there wasn’t anybody in the street.
Akiro: I know — then Stephan suddenly turned up.
Stephan: Yes! Aren’t you clever!
Lucia: So we walked back to Stephan’s last phonebox with my card.
Stephan: And it was third time lucky. I had a nice chat with my family, and Lucia had a very long one with hers.
Lucia: Yes — we used up all my phonecard!