Brave students

An English dialogue about a heroic deed.

Mr Young has just read an article about some brave students. He didn’t expect that those students were his friends.


Play Dialogue

Mr Young: Listen to this:

Three young students from the Excel language school saved a woman from a fire at 13 Derwent Road on Wednesday afternoon. The students heard a cry for help and saw flames in the ground floor flat, of the Victorian house. They ran to the house, broke a window and helped Mrs Ethel Ward, 75, but Mrs Ward later said that she was in the kitchen when the frying pan caught fire. The flames quickly got out of control and spread to the hall and living room. Mrs Ward was unhurt, but the fire caused severe damage to her home.

Did you know about this, you three?

Lucia: Well, we didn’t want to say anything, but actually, that was us.
Mrs Young: What? And you didn’t tell us about it?
Akiro: We just didn’t want our names in the paper.
Mr Young: How did you break the window?
Stephan: With a big stone.
Mrs Young: But why didn’t the lady open the window?
Akiro: She was too shocked.
Lucia: But not too shocked to thank us afterwards.
Mr Young: Well, we must celebrate this. How about a day out in London?
Stephan: Yes!
Akiro: Great!
Lucia: Brilliant idea!