Fully booked

An English dialogue a theatre performance.

Mr Young wants go to the theatre, but they are fully booked.


Play Dialogue

Man: Hello, box office.
Mr Young: Hello. I’d like to book five tickets in the stalls for Phantom of the Opera, please.
Man: Which day, sir?
Mr Young: Next Friday.
Man: I’m afraid we’re fully booked until the 29th of May.
Mr Young: Oh dear. Well, thank you anyway. Bye.

Mrs Young: Ah, here he is. Did you remember to book the tickets for the show?
Mr Young: They’re completely booked until the end of May.
Lucia: Oh, what a shame. I really wanted to go to Her Majesty’s Theatre.
Stephan: To see the Queen!
Mrs Young: Actually, she was there two years ago. Do you remember seeing her, dear?
Mr Young: How could I forget seeing the Queen!
Lucia: What was she like?
Mrs Young: Quite small, a bit grey, but very elegant.
Mr Young: Yes. We had seats in the balcony. Suddenly they played the national anthem and everybody stood up.
Mrs Young: We looked across at the Royal Box, and there she was!
Stephan: The Royal Box? Did they bring her in a box?
Akiro: Of course not! That’s where the Royal Family sits. You should know Mr König!
Mr Young: She was with a tall, dark and handsome man.
Lucia: Prince Charles!
Akiro: But which play did you see?
Mr Young: I’m afraid I can’t remember the play.
Mrs Young: I can’t either. The Royals were more interesting than the play!