Sights of London

An English dialogue London’s places of interest.

Friends are going to see sights of London.


Play Dialogue

Akiro: How do we get to Madame Tussaud’s?
Mrs Young: The best way is by Tube. It’s too slow by bus.
Mr Young: Yes, take the Jubilee Line and get off at Baker Street. That’s the easiest way.
Mrs Young: Have you got enough change for a ticket? It costs a pound.
Mr Young: Get it from the machine, not the ticket office. It’s quicker.
Mrs Young: Yes, there’s often a long queue at the ticket office.
Lucia: And Madame Tussaud’s has the longest queue in London!
Stephan: So we’ll see you at Victoria Station at six o’clock.
Mrs Young: Yes. Have fun!

Lucia: This is the most wonderful art gallery I’ve been to.
Mr Young: Yes, but I think we’ve seen enough paintings for today, and we haven’t got much time left anyway.
Mrs Young: What time is it?
Lucia: Twenty-five past five.
Mr Young: We’d better go – we don’t want to be late for the boys.
Mrs Young: Look, there’s a number eleven bus. Quick – let’s get on it. You’ll see some more sights, Lucia.
Mr Young: Yes, it goes past Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament.

Lucia: I can’t believe there’s a coach to Oxford every ten minutes.
Mr Young: Yes, it’s an excellent service – and the cheapest.
Mrs Young: Hi, boys! Did you have a good time?
Akiro: We had a great time.
Lucia: We did, too. The Sainsbury Wing was wonderful.
Stephan: The Sainsbury Wing? I thought you went to the National Gallery, not to a supermarket.
Mr Young: We’ll explain on the bus…