An interesting meeting

An English dialogue between friends.

Akiro is telling about what was so great about his afternoon.


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Mr Young: What was so great about your afternoon, then?
Akiro: Our trip to Harrods.
Mrs Young: But you said you wanted to go to Madame Tussaud’s.
Stephan: Yes, we did.
Akiro: But Lucia was right. There was an enormous queue.
Lucia: And in Britain you mustn’t jump the queue!
Stephan: That’s right. We were waiting in the queue when it started to rain.
Akiro: Of course we didn’t have our umbrellas with us.
Lucia: You should always carry an umbrella with you in this country — even in summer.
Akiro: You’re right again, Lucia. Anyway, then Stephan saw some friends.
Stephan: Yes, Claudine and Marielle suddenly came along. They were going to Harrods.
Akiro: So we got under their umbrellas and went with them.
Stephan: Everything at Harrods was very expensive.
Akiro: Stephan tried to buy an elephant, but they knew he wasn’t really serious.
Stephan: And of course I didn’t have enough money with me!
Akiro: And while he was talking to the shop assistant, he saw Michael Stich!
Mr Young: Oh, the tennis star! What was he buying, then? A gold tennis ball?
Stephan: Of course! And gold tennis shoes!
Lucia: Did you two buy anything?
Akiro: No. But we got something for nothing.
Stephan: An autograph from Michael Stich!