An evening at home

An English dialogue between friends in the evening at home.

Mrs Young and Lucia are having a quiet evening at home.


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Mrs Young: It’s nice to have a quiet evening at home.
Lucia: Without the boys! … Is there anything on television?
Mrs Young: I haven’t looked at the Radio Times.
Lucia: The Radio Times?
Mrs Young: Yes, it’s a magazine with all the radio and TV programmes.
Lucia: Oh, that one!
Mrs Young: Have you seen it?
Lucia: No, I haven’t.
Mrs Young: I saw it yesterday. Mr Young had it.
Lucia: Shall I switch the television on?
Mrs Young: Yes, let’s do some channel-hopping.
Lucia: Oh, I’ve seen that film. I watched it with my little brother last Christmas.
Mrs Young: Do you miss him?
Lucia: Yes, I really miss him. And my mother and father and grandmother. And the cat! Shall I try BBC2?
Mrs Young: Why not? Oh, it’s the sports news.
Lucia: That’s boring. What about ITV?
Mrs Young: Oh, not another game show! Perhaps we should switch the TV off and listen to some music — but no loud rock music, please!
Lucia: Ah, the boys are back from their sports club.
Stephan: Hi! Aren’t you watching the Wimbledon highlights?
Akiro: Yes, we want to see our favourite tennis player.
Stephan: After all, we met him yesterday.
Akiro: It’s on BBC2. Look — there he is! Turn it up!
Lucia: But he isn’t wearing his gold tennis shoes!