I’d like to rent a car for a week

An English dialogue at a car rental office.

A traveler wants to rent a car. He has come to a car rental office.


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Traveler: Hi. I’d like to rent a car for a week.
Agent: What kind would you like?
Traveler: A compact.
Agent: May I see your driver’s license?
Traveler: Would my international license do?
Agent: Sure. Just fill out this form. Write your address here and sign your name on the bottom of the page. Unlimited mileage and the mandatory collision insurance are included.
Traveler: Do I have to return the car to this location?
Agent: No, you can drop it off at any of our local branches.
Traveler: The keys are in the car?
Agent: Yes. Our complimentary bus to the parking lot is through the door to your right.
Traveler: Great.