Let’s look for a parking lot

An English dialogue about finding a parking lot.

Andrea and Bernard want to park their car. They are talking with an attendant.


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Andrea: You can’t park here! You’ll get a ticket!
Bernard: I’ve had it! Parking in this city is no picnic Let’s look for a parking lot.
Andrea: There’s one right over there, and it’s only two dollars an hour.

Attendant: Hi. Here’s your ticket. Back up in that space next to the blue Honda. Just leave the keys in the car, but remember that we’re not responsible for any valuables left in your car.
Andrea: In that case, I’ll take my bag with me. By the way, could you tell us how to get to town hall?
Attendant: No problem. Walk two blocks east on Barrow Street, then make a right. You’ll see a gas station on your left. Pass the gas station and make a left down Thompson Street The town hall will be right in front of you.
Andrea: So, I take a left after the gas station, on to what street?
Attendant: Thompson Street.
Andrea: Thompson. Thanks.
Attendant: Anytime.