Let me show you around

An English dialogue about renting an apartment.

A landlord is having a man and a woman looking for an apartment. The landlord shows them around.


Play Dialogue

Landlord: Come on in, let me show you around. Here’s the living room.
Female tenant: Great! The view from this window is wonderful.
Landlord: This is the kitchen.
Male tenant: It looks new.
Landlord: Yes, we renovated just last year and replaced all the appliances.
Female tenant: Just look at all the closet space in the master bedroom!
Male tenant: Well, I’m sure you can fill these closets in no time!
Female tenant: Oh come on, give me a break. I don’t have that much stuff.
Landlord: And here’s the bathroom.
Male tenant: What did you say the rent was?
Landlord: Thirteen hundred dollars a month.
Female tenant: Does that include utilities?
Landlord: It includes heat, gas, and hot water. Electricity and telephone are extra.
Female tenant: When will the apartment be available?
Landlord: On the first of the month.
Male tenant: We like it a lot, but we’ll have to think about it. Can we call you tomorrow?
Landlord: Sure.