I’m calling about the apartment

An English dialogue about renting an apartment.

A man is ready to rent an apartment. He is talking with the landlord.


Play Dialogue

Male tenant: Hello, Mr. Berger, this is Steve Heller. I’m calling about the apartment we looked at yesterday. We’d like to take it, if it’s still available.
Landlord: Great!
Male tenant: So, what’s the next step?
Landlord: I’ll draw up a lease and send it to you. What I’ll need from you is one month’s rent as security deposit, and the first month’s rent in advance.
Male tenant: I’ll get the deposit back, won’t I?
Landlord: Of course, as long as the place is not damaged beyond the usual wear and tear when you move out.
Male tenant: Great! Can I send you a check?
Landlord: Sure, a check will be fine. Just send it along with the lease after you’ve signed it
Male tenant: Thanks!