You said you’d do the dishes?

An English dialogue about daily household chores.

Megumi and Kenji are having an argument about some everyday things.


Play Dialogue

Megumi: You said you’d do the dishes, didn’t you?
Kenji: Only if you clear the table.
Megumi: Come on, I made dinner, didn’t I?
Kenji: Yes, and it was delicious. All right, I’ll do the dishes.
Megumi: Thanks. And while we’re talking about chores, the light in the basement burned out.
Kenji: I’ll replace the bulb in a minute.
Megumi: No, no, I already tried that. It still doesn’t work.
Kenji: Maybe there’s a short. Did you try the fuse box?
Megumi: Yes, and that didn’t help either.
Kenji: Then we should call an electrician, shouldn’t we?
Megumi: Do you have his number?
Kenji: It’s on the bulletin board.
Megumi: You’ll call him tomorrow, won’t you?
Kenji: Sure, if I remember.