I was thinking of cooking dinner tonight

An English dialogue about cooking dinner.

Richard and Sveta want to cook a tempting dinner.


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Richard: I was thinking of cooking dinner tonight. Any ideas?
Sveta: What about roast chicken? Or beef stew?
Richard: I could go for roast chicken.
Sveta: All right. Do we need to get anything?
Richard: I’m making a shopping list right now. What kind of vegetables would you like?
Sveta: How about cabbage and potatoes?
Richard: Sounds good. In that case, let’s get a whole chicken, some cabbage, and a bag of potatoes.
Sveta: And what about dessert?
Richard: Why don’t we have hot fudge sundaes?
Sveta: Mmm — sounds delicious.
Richard: I don’t have much cash left. I’ll have to stop by the bank before I go to the supermarket. It might take me a while.
Sveta: Take your time.