I am your new colleague

An English dialogue between colleagues.

Bob Fuller is getting acquainted with his colleagues.


Play Dialogue

Susan Richter: Hi, I’m Susan Richter. And you must be Bob.
Bob Fuller: Yes, Bob Fuller. Nice to meet you.
Susan Richter: Let me introduce you to some people. Annette, I’d like you to meet our new colleague.
Annette Silva: Oh, hello, I’m Annette Silva. Good to meet you.
Bob Fuller: Hi, I‘m Bob Fuller.
Annette Silva: Where will you be working?
Bob Fuller: In the international sales division.
Annette Silva: Oh, right next door. We’ll be seeing a lot of each other. then Let’s do lunch some time.
Bob Fuller: Yes. I’d love to.
Susan Richter: Let me introduce you to Phil now. He’s the manager of our division.
Phil Mendez: Hey, you must be Bob. We’ve been expecting you. I’m Phil Mendez.
Bob Fuller: Nice to meet you.
Phil Mendez: Welcome on board.