How was your commute this morning?

An English dialogue about commuting.

Phil Mendez explains to Bob Fuller when the work starts and comes to an end at the office.


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Phil Mendez: So, how was your commute this morning?
Bob Fuller: Not bad at all. It took me only twenty minutes to get here. By the way, I was wondering about my hours. I arrived here at nine today. Would it be better if I got here earlier on some days?
Phil Mendez: Yes. Would you mind getting here around eight-thirty?
Bob Fuller: Not at all. And when do you usually leave, five o’clock?
Phil Mendez: Well, we usually leave when the work’s done. Sometimes that’s six or even later. Let’s play it by ear.
Bob Fuller: No problem. And one more thing. Could you tell me how the telephone works?
Phil Mendez: Sure. Dial 9 for an outside line, and then the number you are calling. If you want to contact anyone in the office, just dial their extension.
Bob Fuller: Ok. Thanks.