A telephone conversation

An English telephone conversation.

Mr. Shapiro is trying to speak to his partner over the telepone.


Play Dialogue

Assistant 1: Sundance Enterprises, good morning.
Mr. Shapiro: Good morning. May I speak to Andrew Tirelli, please?
Assistant 1: I’m sorry, Mr.Tirelli is in a meeting at the moment. Can he call you back?
Mr. Shapiro: Sure thing.
Assistant 1: Can I have your name and number, please?
Mr. Shapiro: Yes, this is Peter Shapiro from De Mario. I’m at 873-7059.
Assistant 1: I’ll have him call you right back.
Mr. Shapiro: Thanks.

(a little later)

Mr.Tirelli: Mr. Shapiro, please.
Assistant 2: I’m sorry, Mr. Shapiro just stepped away from his desk. May I take a message?
Mr.Tirelli: Would you ask him to call Mr. Tirelli from Sundance?
Assistant 2: May I ask what this is in reference to?
Mr.Tirelli: I’m just returning his call.
Assistant 2: OK. I’ll give him the message.
Mr.Tirelli: Thanks, good-bye.