At the post office

An English dialogue at the post office.

A customer wants to send a registered letter and money order.


Play Dialogue

Customer: Good morning. I’d like ten airmail stamps.
Mail clerk: That’s 50 cents a stamp. Anything else?
Customer: Yes, this letter needs to go by registered mail.
Mail clerk: Where’s it going?
Customer: To the New York State Department of Taxation.
Mail clerk: You’ll want to make sure that gets there on time! Fill out this form and sign at the bottom.
Customer: Here you go.
Mail clerk: OK, that’s 29 cents for the stamp and $2.00 to send it by registered mail. Is that it?
Customer: Not quite. The next thing on my list is a money order.
Mail clerk: Let me fill out the order form. Who is the addressee?
Customer: English Language Textbooks.
Mail clerk: And the address?
Customer: 125 Chamber Street, Santa Monica, California 90401.
Mail clerk: And the amount of the money order?
Customer: $15.75.
Mail clerk: We charge $1.50 per money order, so that’ll be $17.25 total. Anything else on that list of yours?
Customer: One more thing. This letter is urgent.
Mail clerk: If you send it express mail, it’ll be $9.75 for the first 12 ounces.
Customer: Fine. It’s only a letter; it doesn’t weigh much.
Mail clerk: Fill out the form, and put the letter inside this express mail envelope.
Customer: Thanks. That’s all.
Mail clerk: Now, here’s the bad news: your total is $34 29!