I am here to see a doctor

An English dialogue between a patient and a doctor.

Shirley Baker is being examined by Dr. Lang.


Play Dialogue

Patient: I’m here to see Dr. Lang
Receptionist: Your name?
Patient: Shirley Baker.
Receptionist: Ah, yes. Please fill out this form, with your name, address, and phone number. Do you have health insurance?
Patient: No, will that be a problem?
Receptionist: I don’t think so. Stay here, Dr. Lang will be right with you.
Dr. Lang: What seems to be the problem?
Patient: Well, I cut myself with a sharp knife the other day and now my hand is swollen. It seems to be infected.
Dr. Lang: When did this happen?
Patient: Last Saturday.
Dr. Lang: Could you rote up your sleeve? Does it hurt when I press here?
Patient: A little bit.
Dr. Lang: Have you been taking any medication?
Patient: No.
Dr. Lang: Do you have a fever?
Patient: No, I don’t think so.
Dr. Lang: I’ll give you a prescription that’ll get rid of the infection quickly.
Patient: Thank you, Doctor.