Do you want to go to the beach?

An English dialogue between two people who plan to go to the beach.

June and Randy are going to the beach this weekend. Randy is greatly surprised by a piece of news.


Play Dialogue

June: What a great day! Hey, Randy, do you want to go to the beach this weekend?
Randy: Yeah, that’s a great idea. Maybe Susan and Richard would like to come along.
June: I doubt it. They’re not seeing each other anymore.
Randy: You’re kidding.
June: No, they split up last week. We should pack beach towels and sunscreen.
Randy: What happened?
June: I don’t really know. Maybe we could have a picnic. What do you think?
Randy: I can’t believe Susan and Richard. I always thought they’d get married one of these days. What a shame!
June: Get over it. It’s not like they were a match made in heaven. Let’s take sodas and sandwiches.
Randy: Sodas and sandwiches? What are you talking about?
June: About our picnic at the beach. Have you been listening to me?