How was your Thanksgiving?

An English dialogue about celebration of Thanksgiving.

Doug and Larry tell each other about how they celebrated Thanksgiving.


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Doug: Hi, Larry, long time no see.
Larry: Doug! What’s new?
Doug: Nothing much.
Larry: How was your Thanksgiving?
Doug: Oh, it was great — I slept late.
Larry: So did I. We didn’t have lunch till three.
Doug: I took my little sister to see the Thanksgiving Day parade before dinner. She loved it. Then we had a big family dinner around six.
Larry: Who came? Anyone I know?
Doug: Well, my older sister and her husband came for the whole weekend. You met her a couple of years ago, remember? And of course, my stepbrothers stopped by for dinner on Thursday, and so did my aunts and uncles with all their kids. The oldest is only nine. I had to play games all day long.
Larry: What a drag! So, how’s your sister doing? I haven’t seen her in ages.
Doug: She’s fine. She loves her new job.
Larry: I didn’t know she had a new job.
Doug: Neither did I. Also, she and Mike just bought a new house.
Larry: I see they’re really getting into married life. Anyway, we had a small Thanksgiving. Just my parents, my sister, and I. My mom made a great dinner.
Doug: Oh, yeah — what did you have?
Larry: Well, turkey, of course, but she made this great stuffing with sausages and apples.
Doug: Mmm.
Larry: Yeah, I really pigged out.
Doug: Join the club! My stepmother isn’t the best cook. But the turkey was good. I had enough to last me a lifetime. So, did you watch the game?
Larry: Are you kidding? Of course. And on a big-screen TV. We just bought it last week.
Doug: Wow — next Thanksgiving, I’m coming to your house.
Larry: Hey, you’re missing the point — you’re supposed to be with family on Thanksgiving.
Doug: I will be — with your family!