On jury duty

An English dialogue about being on jury duty.

Rosa spent some time as a member of a jury in court. Now she is telling her friend about how it was.


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Daniel: Where were you last week, Rosa?
Rosa: On jury duty.
Daniel: Really? I’ve never been on a jury. I’m curious — what’s it like?
Rosa: Actually, it was quite interesting. The alleged criminal was a young man. He was tried for a theft.
Daniel: And did he do it?
Rosa: Not so fast. He’d been arrested for stealing a TV. But he claimed to have bought it.
Daniel: So what happened?
Rosa: The prosecuting attorney asked him a bunch of questions.
Daniel: Like what?
Rosa: Where he had bought the TV, how much he had paid for it, and stuff like that.
Daniel: Did he have an alibi?
Rosa: Well, the defendant claimed he was at home by himself. But there was a witness who saw him coming out of the store.
Daniel: So he did it?
Rosa: Well, we found him guilty.
Daniel: Is he in prison now?
Rosa: No, the judge released him on bail. He has to come back for sentencing in a couple of weeks.
Daniel: How much time do you think he’ll get?
Rosa: I don’t think he’ll serve time. He’ll probably get away with community service.
Daniel: It’s sad to see a young guy get into trouble, isn’t it?