Interview with football manager Ted Davies

An English dialogue between an interviewer and a football manager.

Ted Davies is telling about his work as a football manager.


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Interviewer: Good afternoon, Ted. Welcome to the show.
Ted Davies: Thanks very much, I’m delighted to be here.
Interviewer: Let me start by asking you a few background questions. Is it true that you were first taken on by Winchester United as a dogsbody?
Ted Davies: Well, that’s quite right. As a youngster, I used to go round with the chairman’s son, and one day his father offered me the job of cleaning the players’ boots. All the guys today give me a lot of stick about it. But I was a cocky lad even then. I knew I had it in me to climb the ladder. I always felt in my element at this club.
Interviewer: Many people are baffled as to why you never made it as a regular first team player. You are on record as saying that you were occasionally played out of position.
Ted Davies: That must be the understatement of the year. I only ever featured as a defender, which really rubbed me up the wrong way, since I was a gifted winger. The problem was, I didn’t know how to go about adapting to new positions.
Interviewer: In today’s team you seem to have a lot of young players coming through. How do you encourage them?
Ted Davies: I try not to bog them down with technicalities. Some of them are quite touchy when I have a go at them for something. Others need a lot o f pushing to get them going. I know it’s a cliche, but they will all have to go through a lot of hardship before they get to the top.
Interviewer: Thanks for your time. Good luck for the championship.