We got to the bottom of the Smith murder enquiry

An English dialogue between two policemen.

Two policemen are talking about a solved crime.


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STEVE: You know, I’m so glad we got to the bottom of the Smith murder enquiry; mind you, it was obvious that the culprit was going to get his comeuppance.
GAVIN: Yes, the Superintendent was getting quite flustered towards the end, as we only had a handful of clues.
STEVE: To tell you the truth, I think he’s past it. What’s really amazing is that we did all the work, but he will reap the rewards. I was truly gobsmacked when he took all the credit for what we had done.
GAVIN: I was too… and have you noticed that he seems to get a kick out of presiding over all the nasty murders? I’m too squeamish myself. I would have passed out if I had found that body. Anyway, let’s stop talking about work. Fancy a beer?