Interview with prime minister (2)

An English dialogue between an interviewer and prime minister.

Prime minister is answering questions about telling lies, education, and other things.


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Interviewer: Many of the voters who fell for your pre-election hype are now beginning to feel disgruntled, saying that you have been coming out with blatant lies. Have your objectives shifted?
Prime minister: No, not at all. Let me take you through what had been going on over the last ten years, before we took over.The previous government ran down all the public services, which alienated the entire British public. They were also guilty of stringing the people along on many other issues. Now the excitement of having a new government is dying down, so we have to sort out the mess we were left in. It has emerged that things are going to take longer than expected, and this is a bitter pill to swallow for some people, but we will be unveiling new strategies in the coming weeks.
Interviewer: As far as education is concerned, you have been accused of dumbing down the syllabuses and undermining the teachers’ authority.
Prime minister: Well, for many years schools have been under-achieving.You know, it’s just not on. We expect all our children to have a good basic grounding in the main subjects, but many of our youngsters are straying from the right path when they leave school. I don’t want to be branded as a teacher-hater but I would like it to be known that things have to change.