Lawyer and a client

An English dialogue between a lawyer and a client.

Richard is at odds with his partners and he wants to quit. His friend Howard is a lawyer and he wants to help Richard.


Play Dialogue

Client: Good morning, Howard.
Lawyer: Hello Richard. How are things?
Client: At home everything’s fine but in the office it’s all upside down.
Lawyer: Oh, how come?
Client: Well, basically, I’ve fallen out with my partners.
Lawyer: Over anything in particular?
Client: Well yes, quite a few things actually.
Lawyer: Just before you continue … Lisa can you put the kettle on, I’m sure Howard would like a cup of tea.
Client: Oh thank you, I’d love one. Anyway, the first thing is we’ve all had to fork out for this new computer system we’ve had installed, and I wasn’t even consulted. I think we could easily have made do with the old one. Secondly, their plans for the future of the company don’t fit in with mine at all. I think that during the slump in property prices, we should be making alternative investments. Not one of the schemes that they thought of has come off and their excuses are always the same, i.e. “We’re going through a bad patch”
Lawyer: And what’s your turnover been like this year?
Client: I can’t tell you off the top of my head but I know it’s nothing to write home about. You see, I never get to see the accounts. I’m only given menial tasks to carry out and if I ask to do something else, I’m told that I’m always trying to get my own way. However, the worst thing I have to put up with is that at least two of my partners, John and Trevor, are always putting me down in front of the staff. I won’t stand for that any longer.
Lawyer: So you want to split from the partnership?
Client: Yes, most of us do.
Lawyer: Well, I’ll have to go through your Partnership Agreement to see what you can get out of it but I can tell you that there is a new Partnership Act which will be difficult to get round.
Client: Can’t we just divide everything equally?
Lawyer: That may not be feasible. It will turn on the Partnership Agreement and the way it has been interpreted. Do you think there’s any possibility of patching everything up?
Client: Not as far as Tm concerned. However; the Senior Partner, Peter Smith, has sat on the fence throughout this issue and he doesn’t want to make anything out of the rows we’ve been having.
Lawyer: Right, OK. I think we’ve gone as far as we can today. How about next week? I can probably fit you in on Tuesday at 11:00am.
Client: Let me put that down in my diary.