I have met someone

An English dialogue between two colleagues.

Celia can’t concentrate and do her work properly. She has something else on her mind.


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CELIA: Do you know what, Linda: I just can’t seem to get down to work today. I’ve just taken down this letter the boss wants me to get off and every time I try to concentrate, I just drift off.
LINDA: Maybe you’ve got something else on your mind!
CELIA: What are you getting at?
LINDA: Oh, come on, own up! Who is he?
CELIA: Well, if you must know, I have met someone, actually. His name’s Tony.
LINDA: What’s he like?
CELIA: To be honest he’s not the type I usually go for.
LINDA: What do you mean?
CELIA: He’s quite academic and not very business-minded. He works for a charity that aims to wipe out starvation in the Third World by the end of the century. He says we must help the poorer countries stand up to the exploitation of their land by the West and…
LINDA: You’re drifting again. I don’t want to know his politics. Sorry to be blunt, but is he good looking?
CELIA: Oh yes, certainly! Your friend, Wendy, will vouch for that.
LINDA: Wendy? When has she met him?
CELIA: Well,Tony invited me to the opera last week which meant that I had to leave work early. So I asked Wendy to fill in for me for the rest of the day. He came to the office to pick me up and she saw him then.
LINDA: I’ll have to speak to her then. I’m sure she will fill me in on all the interesting details.
CELIA: Actually, our relationship has really taken off in a big way. He’s taking me to a French restaurant in the city centre on Saturday.
LINDA: Oh, you’re bound to get ripped off there! Anyway, I would have thought that it would be against his principles to splash out on expensive meals. You know, in the long run, I can’t see this relationship working at all.
CELIA: Oh, I catch your drift. You’re jealous.
LINDA: How can you accuse me of jealousy when I have stood by you all these years.
BOSS: Pack it in, you two! Doesn’t anyone do any work round here?