It’s been ages since I last heard from

A telephone conversation between two friends.

Jane and Anne are two friends who haven’t met each other for a long time. Now they are speaking on the telephone.


Play Dialogue

JANE: Hi Anne, it’s Jane.
ANNE: Hello, it’s been ages since I last heard from you. How are you?
JANE: Not too well, actually. I’ve had the flu for about a month. I take after my mum; she’s always ill.
ANNE: Hadn’t you better call the doctor?
JANE: I’m rather reluctant to do that, and anyway there’s no point. He can’t help me.
ANNE: Yes, but you may as well see him. You could go on your day off.
JANE: I suppose so. I don’t think I could cope with another month like the last one. I think yo are much better at handling illness than I am… Anyway, what’s been going on in your life?
ANNE: I’ve just found a new flat. Actually, it’s in a very posh street.
JANE: Show off! I bet it’s lovely.
ANNE: Well, you know how choosy I am and I’m much better off than I was a few years ago so I can afford to live in such an area. You’ll have to come round when I’ve got the place done up.
JANE: I’d love to. Incidentally, did your cat turn up? I asked round everyone at work but no-one had seen it.
ANNE: Oh yes. He soon came back. He missed being made a fuss of and was fed up having to survive on stale food.
JANE: What a turn up for the books! I thought he was gone forever…. I’m just going to turn down the television. Hold on a second!
JANE: Did you know, Manuel’s parents are coming over from Spain next month? I’m quite looking forward to it. I’d like to ask you over; they’d love to meet you. It will be very handy having his mum here. She’s a wonderful cook.
ANNE: Great! Unfortunately if it’s next month, I’ll have to turn you down. I’m going of to France for a few weeks. Peter has a flat in the South and I thought instead of increasing my overdraft by going to the Caribbean, I might as well go to France again, even though I’ve been there quite a bit this year.
JANE: You lucky thing!… I’ve just remembered; I still haven’t got my own back on you for going on to my Mum about how Ive gone of her cooking. You shouldn’t have told her.
ANNE: Oh stop making a fuss! She asked me why you always go on to a Chinese restaurant directly after eating her dinner. I thought what’s the point in lying? I’m sorry if I came over as being rather rude.
JANE: Don’t worry. I was going to own up to her anyway. Would you like to come over tomorrow night, or are you busy?
ANNE: I have a few letters which must go off by Friday but I’d love to see you. What time shall I turn up?
JANE: Well, if you’ve got nothing better to do, you may as well come over to my place for dinner at about seven.
ANNE: Lovely. See you tomorrow at seven.