Have you heard about John?

An English dialogue between mother and child.

Mother and her son are discussing different things.


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CHILD: Mum, have you heard about John?
MOTHER: No, what happened to him?
CHILD: Well, he was going off to night school when he saw a firework lying in the road. Not thinking that it was alive, he trod on it and the thing went off and burnt his leg. He was taken to hospital where they told him it might be quite a while before he can walk properly again.
MOTHER: You see, I’ve been telling you for ages how dangerous fireworks are. Have you come round to my way of thinking now?
CHILD: Not really, it was his fault for treading on the firework….Oh yes, Mum?
MOTHER: What, my dear?
CHILD: That cheese you gave me for lunch yesterday had gone off.
MOTHER: Really?
CHILD: Either that or the bread was stale.
MOTHER: Impossible! Youre just too fussy….Oh, by the way: have you seen the handy camera your dad has just bought?
CHILD: Wow! He must have quite a number of them by now.
MOTHER: At least 5.
CHILD: Can I go out and play football with Peter now?
MOTHER: Only if you do your shoelaces up.