Peter’s just spilled paint

An English dialogue between two builders working at a house.

Bill and Fred are discussing their clumsy colleague.


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BILL: What’s up?
FRED: Peter’s just spilled paint all over the dining room floor. I don’t know why the boss took on such a clumsy idiot; and on top of that, last week he didn’t get to work until 11 o’clock because he said he was coming down with something.
BILL: Apparently, it’s all over between him and his wife but they are still living together to keep up appearances to the rest of the family. I feel sorry for the man.
FRED: I don’t! I think he’s got a nasty streak in him, and we could do without his stupid comments as well.
BILL: It’s going to be awkward for the boss to dismiss him just out of the blue. For the time being he’ll have to let him carry on.
FRED: I don’t think he’ll stand for his clumsiness much longer.
BILL: I must admit, he’s a bit slow to catch on. But if you look into all the things going on in his life, you’ll understand why nothing’s worked out for him.