Have you heard about Steve?

An English dialogue between two colleagues at lunch.

Julie and Angela are having lunch and gossiping about their coworker.


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JULIE: Have you heard about Steve?
ANGELA: No, what’s up?
JULIE: He’s handed in his notice. Actually he’d probably have been sacked anyway. Apparently, the other day the boss was very straightforward with him and told him that no-one was prepared to put up with his nagging any longer and he was putting people off their work. If you see him, don’t bring it up.
ANGELA: No, of course not. Hasn’t he just broken up with his wife?
JULIE: Yes, and he keeps trying to put of the divorce because he can’t afford to pay for the upbringing of his two kids, and also he still loves his wife dearly. She claims she went off him when he started taking her for granted.
ANGELA: Is he going to have a big leaving party?
JULIE: Yes, next Friday. I hope there’ll be a good turn-out for it.
ANGELA: Look at that guy! This is supposed to be the non-smoking part of the restaurant. If he doesn’t put his cigarette out, he should be turned out for putting people off their dinners. It’s a shame because I really enjoy coming here; it breaks up the day and they haven’t put up the prices for over a year.
JULIE: Yes it is nice here, but I wonder what’s holding up our chicken. The waitresses are well turned out here but they’re a bit slow.
ANGELA: Do you want me to follow it up or do you think making a fuss is frowned upon in this restaurant?
JULIE: No, don’t worry. Maybe the oven has cut out or the chef is breaking up a fight between two cooks.
ANGELA: I’m sure there’s a more straightforward reason than that!