Interview with prime minister

An English dialogue between an interviewer and prime minister.

Prime minister is answering questions about tax rises and other things.


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Interviewer: I’d like now to turn to the question of tax rises. A lot of us in the media can’t make out the Government’s policy on this. Are they coming? If so, when?

P/minister: There are no immediate plans to increase taxes, but we can’t rule out the possibility in the future. I’ll be taking up the matter with my colleagues in the Cabinet within the next few weeks but I’d like to pick up on a point you raised earlier. This country has survived a severe recession against all the odds, and now we have to make up our minds as to whether we want to lead the industrial world once again. We have to turn mere survival into economic success, and I believe we’ve got the potential.

Interviewer: Some people find it odd that we have only two months to go before the European Elections and the Government still haven’t got over the problem of who is going to make up the various committees on European health and education.

P/minister: As you know, we’ve had rather a hectic domestic schedule lately, but without wishing to dodge the question, we shall let the press know of any news concerning this matter in due course.