Partners’ meeting

An English dialogue between business partners.

Business partners are discussing some problems.


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Senior partner: It’s getting on for seven o’clock. I think we should begin. Come along, let’s all take our places. Now, I suppose everyone’s aware of the takeover bid issued by Atlas Limited last week.
Partner A: Yes, but I don’t rancy their chances of raising the capital before the offer period runs out. Apparently, business has dropped off in recent months.
Partner B: But things are looking up for us. There is a new Act which has just got through Parliament which protects the selling company when the purchaser can’t raise the finance.
Partner A: Who cares what the Law says? If they don’t have the money, the legal outcome is irrelevant. I knew this whole scheme would be a flop.
Senior partner: I think your pessimism is uncalled for. I can’t work out how you got hold of the idea that Atlas don’t have any funds.
Partner A: I’m not so easily taken in. I know why their Managing Director is acting in such a funny way and is so difficult to get hold of these days. He can’t cope with the hassle of taking over another company. Actually, I dread to think what will happen to us if he remains the head of Atlas.
Senior partner: I think you’ve got hold of the wrong end of the stick. Why don’t you all come along with me tomorrow to their offices and see what they have to say?