I’ve come round to investigate the burglary

An English dialogue between a policeman and a woman.

A policeman is investigating a burglary and questioning a woman who has become a victim.


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Policeman: Hello, Madam, may I come in? I’ve come round to investigate the burglary that was reported last night.
Woman: Oh, thank you, Officer. Actually I was on the verge of going out, but please come in. Sorry the place is in a state, but the burglars have been through everything. They’ve messed up the whole house – I don’t think I’m ever going to come to terms with this.
Policeman: Well, it’ll probably take quite a while to sink in. Many people don’t realise what it’s like to go through a burglary.
Woman: I can understand the point of taking valuable items, but what do they get out of vandalism?
Policeman: It’s very hard to say, Madam. When we do catch people like this, it’s very difficult to get anything out of them.
Woman: What are the odds on you catching these ones?
Policeman: It depends on what we’ve got to go on. If they made a few slip-ups and left some clues, our chances are greater. But often, even if we catch them, they get off if there are no witnesses. What’s actually missing?
Woman: Fortunately not that much; a few bits of tacky jewellery and the video. It’s just as well I had most of my valuable jewellery with me. Also, it looks like they messed around with the television but, for some strange reason, they left it here.
Policeman: Where were you for the evening?
Woman: Well, my husband and I run a catering business and we were out at a function. I reckon they must have watched us leave the house. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have known there was nobody in. We always make a point of leaving some lights on, and the radio as well. When we got home, we were actually drenched because of the pouring rain. The last thing we expected was to come up against something like this. I honestly feel as though I’m going to crack up.
Policeman: Please try to calm down, Madam. Once you’ve seen through these first few days, you’ll be fine. You just have to talk yourself out of it. No-one was hurt and very little was stolen.
Woman: I suppose I’m feeling a little hard done by but I’ll get over it.
Policeman: Well I’ll be getting off now. Please call if you need any help.