How was your day?

An English dialogue between husband and wife at dinner table.

Husband had quite a bit of hassle in the office today.


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Wife: How was your day?
Husband: I had quite a bit of hassle in the office today. Apparently, news has got out that the company are about to lay of about a quarter of the staff.
Wife: So they are going to go through with it then? I thought that you and the other directors decided that it was all uncalled for.
Husband: It’s Simon. He has come up with some new ideas for reshaping the company.
Wife: Oh, I might have known such a ruthless scheme would come from him.
Husband: It’s not a question of being ruthless; it’s what is necessary. This time I go along with him. We have to cater for the modern client who doesn’t need ten people handling his affairs.
Wife: It’s just as well Simon’s retirement is coming up; otherwise he’d have to make himself redundant.
Husband: Oh, stop going on about him. He’s a lot more easy-going than you make out.
Wife: Just to change the subject: Has your client, Mr James, come up with the money he owes the company?
Husband: It’s funny that you should mention that. It came up at a directors’ meeting we had yesterday lunchtime. I went through all the details with the others and then we decided we should get off a fax to him straightaway. It was left for me to do and I just cringed when I read the fax back to myself. It’s so embarrassing asking old clients to pay up when you know they haven’t got the funds.
Wife: Yes, but he’s been messing you around for ages. It’s about time you stopped taking such a laid-back attitude towards him.
Husband: Do you think you could lay off having a go at me for just five minutes?
Wife: Of course, darling, enjoy your dinner!