Interview with musician

An English dialogue between an interviewer and a musician.

A musician is telling his musical biography.


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Interviewer: Before the interview gets under way, I’d like to give you a run down on what’s likely to come up. I won’t be trying to catch you out with tricky questions – otherwise we’ll wind up having a row. I’d firstly like to concentrate on the earlier years of your career, before your music really caught on, and then, without putting you on the spot, I’d like to talk about your family life and future plans. Is that OK?
Musician: Fine.
Interviewer: OK, then let’s begin. You started as a drummer, but turned into a singer. How did that come about?
Musician: Well, I got myself into a rut playing drums. I needed to plunge myself into some other form of expression and so I had a go at singing. I was surprised but I really took to it, even though it took me a while to get to grips with all the scales. I started writing songs as well, which at first the other guys in the band couldn’t get into. Then we called in the famous producer, Mike Smith, to see if he could spot where we were going wrong. He said our sound was too gimmicky and that our music needed to undergo a complete change of direction. We listened to him, even though at first we were slagged off by all the music critics; but then things started to work out.
Interviewer: Are you saying that it was Mike Smith who brought about your new-found success?
Musician: In many ways, yes; but also you have to say that it was the members of the band who had the guts to take the plunge. We risked losing all our fans – but luckily it all turned out fine.
Interviewer: As a travelling musician, I don’t suppose you’ve had much time to spend with your family.
Musician: That’s right I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for when I first started touring. It was great fun of course, but I didn’t get the time to see my wife and kids. I used to feel that my success as a musician was overshadowed by my failure as a husband and father; but now I think I was unfairly running myself down. I’ve always had a soft spot for both of my daughters. Now they’ve grown up, we still have a lot of fun together. They’re always winding me up about my old fashioned clothes. They say that I haven’t got a clue on how to dress.
Interviewer: And what of your plans for the future?
Musician: Who knows? Maybe l’ll spend the rest of my days on a Pacific island, unwinding to the rhythms of the ocean…