Where on earth did you get to last night?

An English dialogue between father and daughter.

Father is angry with his daughter who often hangs out with her friends.


Play Dialogue

Father: Where on earth did you get to last night?
Daughter: Oh, I just popped into Sylvia’s.
Father: Popped in? You could’ve fooled me. You must have spent half the night round there.
Daughter: Well I didn’t know if she would be in but I went round on the off chance. I wanted to congratulate her on getting into Cambridge.
Father: Sylvia? Cambridge? What’s got into you? You must be winding me up of course.
Daughter: No I’m not! I tell you what: she worked damn hard to pull through those exams During the run up to the exams, she never went out once. You can’t imagine how nervous she became. She’s highly strung enough as it is….. Anyway, she’s very happy. As a joke, she told her dad that Cambridge was too stuck-up for her and she preferred to go to Leeds.
Father: Did he fall for it?
Daughter: Oh yes, he wondered what had come over her and told her to get a grip on herself. However, he soon realised she was having him on and they both laughed about it later. To change the subject; would you mind running me down to Peter’s after dinner? Apparently, he got injured playing football last Sunday and can’t go out.
Father: Are you sure he’s not just making a meal of it to attract your sympathy?
Daughter: Oh, Dad! Of course not. He’d know I’d catch him out if he tried anything on like that.
Father: Very well, but don’t come back late this time.