Bringing up two kids is doing my head in

An English dialogue between two mothers.

Bringing up kids drives Helen crazy.


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HELEN: You know, bringing up two boisterous kids is doing my head in.
ALISON: I know what you mean. My sister, who I must admit is quite adept at coping with her three children, has decided to have a fourth.
HELEN: She must be off her head!
ALISON: Yes, especially as her eldest boy has turned out to be a yob.
HELEN: Well, I suppose some people get a buzz out of living a hectic, stressful life.
ALISON: Her husband does a little bit to help her in the house, but it’s down to her to get the kids dressed and off to school.
HELEN: Well, at least she gets s o m e help. I have to grovel just to get my husband to clear the table.
ALISON: I’m sure if there was a competition for mother of the year, my sister would be shortlisted.
HELEN: Good for her… I’d come last!