Poor chap!

An English dialogue between two friends on the train.

John and James are coming home from work and discussing bad behaviour of their friend.


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John: You know, the amount that Peter drinks beggars belief.
James: Why? Was he paralytic again on Sunday?
John: What do you think?
James: He is just a sucker for punishment. He doesn’t know when to stop. Poor chap!
John: On Sunday in the pub, he decided to make a beeline for this pretty Italian girl. I tried to tell him she was already spoken for, but it went straight over his head. It’s like banging your head against a brick wall, trying to tell him how to behave.
James: Yes, and I’ll tell you something else: if you think you’re inviting him to my 40th birthday party, you’ve got another think coming.
John: Well, you brought that bolshy political activist Jim Smith to mine, so I’m thinking about giving you a taste of your own medicine. No, but seriously, you’ll see, there’s no need to make a song and dance about it; I’ll make sure he’s on his best behaviour.
James: Oh really? I’m sorry but I’m very sceptical about that.
John: OK, I have to get off here. See you tomorrow. Have a nice evening.