Where did you spend your honeymoon?

An English dialogue between two friends.

Betsy is telling about where and how she and her husband spent their honeymoon.


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Gregory: Where did you spend your honeymoon, Betsy?
Betsy: We were married on the 31st of March 1945. Since the war was still on, our honeymoon had to be postponed until summer. Then we honeymooned in the Lake District, our honeymooners’ Mecca. Have you been there, Gregory?
G.: Once.
B.: Then I needn’t describe it to you. What do you think of it?
G.: The lakes, waters and meres there are smaller than the lochs of Scotland, but the hillsides are more wooded.
B.: Where did you stay there?
G.: At a hotel in Grange-over-Sands. What I liked about it most was a so-called Trim Trail near the hotel.
B.: What’s that?
G.: A footpath on a wooded hillside where one is supposed to jog a mile with brief stops for exercises. For instance, on parallel bars or on a horizontal bar where a notice says, “Do 3 chins and then jog on.” The idea is that after regularly using the Trim Trail you would get rid of surplus fat and get really trim.
B.: But what is meant by “chins”?
G.: There is a woman for you! Women never know the first thing about “chins” “Chins” or “chin-ups” and “pull-ups” are exercises in which one takes hold of a bar above one’s head and uses one’s arms to pull up the body until one’s head is over the bar. For chins you clutch the bar from above and for pull-ups from below.
B.: Live and learn!