I resent having to study for chemistry

An English dialogue between two friends.

John and Maria hate having to study for exams.


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John: I have to say, I really resent having to study for chemistry, even though I’m quite hopeful of getting through the exam.
Maria: I must say these days I have a rather apathetic attitude towards the sciences. In last year’s physics exam I tried to embellish my answers with irrelevant philosophical views on the laws of nature. My arguments must have been flawed because I failed miserably. Any ambitions my dad has of me becoming a scientist like him are doomed, I’m afraid.
John: Well, this year I’ll try to put in a good word for you with Miss Austin, the physics teacher, although she has probably tarred all of us with the same brush.
Maria: I don’t know if it’ll make any difference. I’m finding it harder and harder each year to psych myself up for exams. I’m not sure what career path I want to take either. Everything is looking a bit blurred at the moment.
John: But not bleak! Whatever brought this sudden outburst on? You seem to have got a bee in your bonnet about exams, but I think you’re being too hard on yourself. Your recent poor performance in exams is probably just a blip, don’t you think? Overall, you’ve got everything going for you. Don’t let a lack of confidence shatter all your dreams.
Maria: Thanks John. You’re a real mate.