Husbands and wives

An English dialogue between two wives.

Marion and Patricia are discussing their husbands.


Play Dialogue

Marion: Do you know, Jerry doesn’t lift a finger to help in the house and yet, whenever we go to Anna’s place for dinner, all she needs to do is flaunt her big brown eyes at him, and he becomes her slave… offering to wash the dishes… anything!
Patricia: Well, that’s men for you! They all have the same traits. I know exactly what makes Steve tick; he maintains that his current broodiness has been brought on by Chelsea losing the Cup Final last week. He says he was gutted, but I know that the fact that he’s completely skint after our holiday has meant that he can’t afford to go out drinking with his mates. That’s what’s really getting to him.
Marion: But we couldn’t do without them. I’d be so chuffed if Jerry decided to do the ironing one day. Perhaps the idea of housework will grow on him.
Patricia: Yes Marion. And pigs will fly!