At the terminal

An English dialogue between passengers at the terminal.

Stephan and Steven are at the terminal. They want to collect their luggage from the baggage reclaim.


Play Dialogue

Steven: Are you lost?
Stephan: Hi, Steven!
Steven: Hello, Stepan. We’re over there.
Stephan: Oh yes, flight 245 from Munich.
Steven: Here are the cases.
Stephan: One case, one rucksack and one travel bag. They’re all here.
Steven: Are they heavy?
Stephan: The case is very heavy!
Steven: Can you lift it?
Stephan: Yes, I can, but I can’t carry it!
Steven: Oh yes, it is heavy. Here are two trolleys.
Stephan: Oh, good!

*** ***

Steven: Here we are — Customs Control.
Stephan: Red, green or blue exit?
Steven: Blue — for the EU.
Stephan: The European Union!
Steven: That’s right!