A coach journey

An English dialogue at the bus station.

Stephan is trying to find out where the Oxford bus stop is.


Play Dialogue

Stephan: Excuse me, where’s the Oxford bus stop?
Man: It’s over there on the right.
Stephan: Thank you.

Stephan: …. Is this the stop for Oxford?
Lady: Yes, it is.
Stephan: Thanks. Ah, here’s the bus.
Lady: That’s the Cambridge bus. The Oxford bus is blue, white and yellow.
Stephan: When is the next bus to Oxford?
Lady: At eleven-thirty.
Stepan: Eleven-thirty? But it’s twelve o’clock… Oh, I’m an idiot — we’re in England. It’s eleven o’clock here!

(On the coach)

Stephan: A ticket to Oxford, please.
Driver: Single or return?
Stephan: Single, please.
Driver: That’s nine-fifty.
Stephan: Sorry – how much?
Driver: Nine pounds fifty…. Thank you…. There you are — fifty pence change.
Stephan: Thanks. How long is the journey?
Driver: Ninety minutes.
Stephan: That’s an hour and a half. I can read the paper — or sleep…