Meeting people

An English dialogue at a student hostel.

Stephan meets people at a student hostel.


Play Dialogue

Mrs Young: Hello — you must be Stephan König.
Stepan: That’s right. And you’re Mrs Young?
Mrs Young: Yes. Nice to meet you, Stephan. Come in!
Stepan: Thank you.
Mrs Young: Leave the bags in the hall. You must be tired and hungry.
Stepan: I’m not very hungry…
Mrs Young: Have a cup of tea and a sandwich, then?
Stepan: Mm, yes, please!
Mrs Young: Come in and sit down … This is Lucia — she’s from Italy. And Akiro — he’s from Japan.
Lucia: Hello!
Akiro: Hi!
Stepan: Hello — nice to meet you.
Mrs Young: A sandwich for you two?
Akiro: No thanks, we aren’t hungry.
Mrs Young: Lucia and Akiro are students at the Excel language school, too. They’re here for six months.
Stepan: Is it a good school?
Lucia: Well, I’m happy there, but Akiro isn’t.
Stepan: Why?
Akiro: It’s full of Japanese!
Mrs Young: Oh dear!