In the wrong room

An English dialogue about furniture.

Friends are discussing furniture.


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Stephan: Oh, this isn’t my room! Sorry, Akiro.
Akiro: That’s okay. Your room is opposite.
Stephan: Yes, of course. And Lucia’s is next to it.
Akiro: She’s got a wash basin in her room, and a spare bed.
Stephan: And you’ve got a nice big table and an extra chair… and a television! Is it your TV?
Akiro: Yes, it is. It’s very good for my English.
Stephan: That’s true! Has it got a sports channel?
Akiro: It’s got three.
Stephan: I’ve got my Walkman but it hasn’t got a radio.
Akiro: They’ve got a radio in the kitchen and satellite TV in the sitting room — and in the bedroom and the study!
Stephan: That’s good. But I haven’t got time for that now. (A knock at the door)
Akiro: Who’s that? Oh, it’s you, Lucia!
Lucia: Hello. Oh hi, Stephan. Isn’t Akiro’s room lovely?
Stephan: Yes, it is. This is a nice house. And it’s got two bathrooms, three toilets and four TVs!
Akiro: And very nice owners! One student in my class is with his third family already.
Lucia: We are lucky. We’re so happy here with Mr and Mrs Young.