At breakfast

An English dialogue between friends at breakfast.

Friends are having breakfast and discussing some things.


Play Dialogue

Stephan: Good morning!
Lucia: Morning, Stephan!
Stephan: Where is everybody?
Lucia: Ah, here’s Akiro. Morning! The Youngs are at work.
Akiro: Yes, they get up at six-thirty, and Mr Young leaves at quarter past seven.
Lucia: He works for a bank in the City and he often gets back late.
Akiro: He lives in his office!
Stephan: And Mrs Young?
Lucia: She goes ten minutes later. She teaches at a primary school.
Akiro: Then we have our breakfast.
Lucia: And we leave at twenty past eight.
Akiro: I always have lunch in town at midday and Lucia has a snack at the school in the afternoon.
Lucia: And we usually come back for our supper in the evening.
Akiro: Yes, we have dinner with the family.
Stephan: The family?
Lucia: Mr and Mrs Young and Rover — that’s their dog. They normally have their evening meal at half past seven.
Akiro: Lucia sometimes does the cooking.
Lucia: It’s good, because we speak English with English people.
Stephan: And with an English dog!
Akiro: Yes, its English is very good!
Lucia: Cornflakes or muesli, Stephan?
Stephan: Muesli, please. I love muesli in the morning.
Akiro: You’re in England now, Stephan. Have the cornflakes.
Stephan: Okay. After all, this is my first English breakfast. I like egg and bacon, too …