The lost key

An English dialogue about the lost key.

Stephan has lost his key and cannot get in.


Play Dialogue

Stephan: Look, there’s a key on the fridge.
Akiro: Whose key is it?
Lucia: I don’t know. My key’s in my pocket.
Stephan: And my key’s upstairs.
Akiro: It must be Mrs Young’s.
Lucia: I don’t think it is. She doesn’t forget things.
Akiro: Yes, but she sometimes leaves her key on the fridge.
Lucia: Let me see. Oh, yes, it’s her key ring! She can’t get in.
Stephan: Why not?
Lucia: She gets back at four and we don’t usually get home before five.
Akiro: And Mr Young doesn’t finish work before seven.
Lucia: What can we do?
Stephan: Well, I can come home after lunch.
Akiro: That’s right – you don’t come to the conversation class at two.
Stephan: No, I don’t. So that’s no problem.

(In the afternoon)

Mrs Young: Hello, Stephan! You’re back early.
Stephan: I know.
Mrs Young: But why aren’t you inside? It’s wet and cold outside and you haven’t got a coat on.
Stephan: I can’t get in.
Mrs Young: Why not?
Stephan: Because my key’s in my room.
Mrs Young: Oh. But that’s no problem now. I’ve got the doorkey somewhere in the bag …
Stephan: But, er, Mrs Young …
Mrs Young: Oh dear, where’s my key? I can’t find it.
Stephan: Will, um, Mrs Young … it’s in the kitchen — on the fridge.