Keeping fit

An English dialogue about doing sports.

Akiro is telling about a sport centre he goes to.


Play Dialogue

Stephan: Hi, Akiro! Do you go to classes on Friday afternoon?
Akiro: No, I don’t. I meet a friend here and we go to the sports centre.
Stephan: What do you do there? Do you do Sumo wrestling?
Akiro: No, we don’t! We play basketball.
Stephan: How much does it cost?
Akiro: It doesn’t cost much for students. Do you want to come?
Stephan: Maybe next time.
Akiro: Okay.
Stephan: Do men and women go there?
Akiro: Yes, they do. Why do you ask?
Stephan: Oh, I don’t know. Does Lucia go there, too?
Akiro: No, she doesn’t. She sometimes goes to the Viking Gym in the town centre on Saturdays.
Stephan: The Viking Gym?
Akiro: Gym is short for gymnasium.
Stephan: Gymnasium? Does she go to school on Saturdays?
Akiro: Of course not! She goes to a fitness centre — a gym is a sports centre.
Stephan: Oh. What does she do there?
Akiro: Exercises.
Stephan: Exercises?
Akiro: You know, press-ups, bodybuilding exercises.
Stephan: I see. She doesn’t do Sumo wrestling, then?
Akiro: No, of course not! Only very heavy men do Sumo wrestling.
Stephan: Not heavy women?
Akiro: Stephan, don’t be so cheeky!