Shopping in town

An English dialogue about shopping.

Friends are buying some goods.


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Stephan: Have you got any sweet apples, please?
Man: These are very sweet.
Stephan: I’d like two pounds, please, and a pound of those black grapes … and this pineapple.
Man: That’s £ 3.60 … and 40 pence change.
Stephan: Thank you.
Lucia: Stephan! You’re shopping, too.
Stephan: Yes, I’m buying some fruit. I haven’t got any at home.
Lucia: I’m getting some things for Mrs Young. She’s very busy.
Stephan: Oh?
Lucia: Yes, she’s buying clothes in London. So I’m doing the shopping and the cooking today.
Stephan: That’s very good of you, Lucia.
Lucia: I’m enjoying it. It’s fun.
Stephan: I’d like some Italian food, please.
Lucia: Well, you’re lucky. The Youngs aren’t eating at home, so there’s no English supper tonight!
Stephan: What, no fish and chips? Are you cooking spaghetti?
Lucia: No, I’m not. We’re having lasagne.
Stephan: And Akiro? Is he having supper at home, too?
Lucia: No, he isn’t. He goes to the sports centre on Fridays and he often comes back late.
Stephan: I’m really looking forward to supper!